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Went on a little exploration/bargain hunting with mum yesterday.
We took a trip to Urunga to visit a second hand/recycle shop we had read about in the papers.

Bellinger River

Had a bit of a pretty drive along the poor, swollen Bellinger River.. still at least the floodwater's down. It's shocking sometimes to see how far the flood had washed.
The shop was a HUGE success, they have some fantastic treasures in there that I would have loved to take home with me, but sadly I'm on a budget.


I settled on these three containers because they're beautiful and fit in beautifully with the 70s orange that is my bitty kitchen.
Then mum out of the blue surprised me by buying this set for me(!!)

Pitcher Set

What a score! My kitchen looks so amazing now! I'll have to catch it in the morning when the light's coming in sometime to share.
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