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Today on this very beautiful day, was my sister and brother-in-law's 14th(?) wedding anniversary. As a gift mum and I offered to take the girls off their hands for the day and mum treated them to dinner at a local restaurant. We spent most of the day checking out Sapphire beach which happens to have a FANTASTIC playground and restaurant.

Rope gym

The highlight of my day was being challenged to and winning(!) a race up this rope tower by a little boy. I could hear him muttering to himself all the way up; "I can't  believe I'm being beaten by a girl!"
Take THAT seven year old boy! I'm queen of this castle! Rawr!
(He beat me on the race down though, the monkey!)

Pie Day

Most important of all, of course. At exactly 1:59pm I was able to get my hands on and enjoy the yearly consumption of Pie for Pi Day. Thanks so much to Alice for reminding me!

Pie Day

Isobell turned her little nose up at the thought of pie, but Angela was MORE then happy to chow down with me.

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