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Flood Waters

Downtown Coffs Harbour.
It's been pouring rain for the past four days straight, yesterday was the worst, I've been flooded into my little neighborhood of Emerald, I haven't checked yet today if that's still the case but I'm sure it's cleared up since we got the newspaper delivered this morning.
I'll never complain about living ontop of the hill again! At least my house is more or less alright.

My veggie garden has been trashed. :(
My beans are dead, so's my lettuce. I think my carrots aren't going to make it either. My tomatos will probably pull through, and my capsicum is downright thriving. Strawberries are doing okay as well. But still. Bummer!

I've got power and it seems to be staying on steadily now, and I've got food and warm blankets, so I'll be just fine. But it can really REALLY stop raining now.

More photos of the flood for those curious can be found here.

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