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Nature is NOT cool

Friend (9:08:42 AM): so, woo!
Friend (9:08:44 AM): how are you doing?
Kanawinkie (9:09:34 AM): wow
Kanawinkie (9:09:40 AM): I was totally better like five seconds ago
Kanawinkie (9:09:46 AM): hold on a moment
Friend (9:09:48 AM): ok
Kanawinkie (9:10:46 AM): sorry
Kanawinkie (9:10:54 AM): totally just found a GIANT leech on my floor
Kanawinkie (9:10:59 AM): and am kind of freaking out right now
Kanawinkie (9:11:30 AM): fuuuuuuck it was totally on me
Kanawinkie (9:11:37 AM): it was giant because it was gorged on my blood
Kanawinkie (9:11:39 AM): fuck fuck fuck fuck
Friend (9:11:45 AM): whoa
Friend (9:11:50 AM): whooooooah
Friend (9:11:56 AM): that's freaky
Friend (9:11:59 AM): but it's a leech
Kanawinkie (9:12:08 AM): fuck
Kanawinkie (9:12:13 AM): I'm never going outside again
Friend (9:12:18 AM): do you need to get checked out?
Friend (9:12:24 AM): I don't know how leeches work
Friend (9:12:28 AM): aside from the obvious
Kanawinkie (9:12:31 AM): no, I mean I just pulled it off and thew it outside
Kanawinkie (9:12:37 AM): but I'm just kind of grossed otu
Friend (9:12:38 AM): right
Friend (9:12:40 AM): yeah
Kanawinkie (9:12:40 AM): I hate parasites
Friend (9:12:41 AM): srsly
Friend (9:12:46 AM): that is totally fair
Kanawinkie (9:13:17 AM): I will say
Kanawinkie (9:13:22 AM): that is the quickest I have ever gotten naked

D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

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