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Laundry day. Taken July 15, 2009 by the laundry line at the Emerald Beach house. Had to call it quits and bring everything inside though because it decided to try and rain. ALWAYS ON LAUNDRY DAY!!!

So, it's very... annoying. Taking photos of yourself. I'm going to have to learn a whole new level of patience and let a lot of my control freak instincts go with this project.
Between finding a flat surface that I can perch the camera on. Trying to settle on a good frame from whatever surface is available to keep the camera steady. Setting up the focus, setting on a timer delay (10 seconds) to make sure the camera won't fall over and run into the shot and then try and do something that looks natural.
Running back to the camera, checking the result and then rinse and repeat until I either find something I like or I completely lose my patience.

This would be much easier with a tripod.. and a remote shutter release.. or someone else to take the photos for me.


I'm a sucker for op shops. I can not resist a walk through Vinnies if I happen to be near one. Mostly I'm looking for creative inspiration, but today I spotted this adorable ceramic Loch Ness monster on the shelf for 50cents!
I didn't even think about it (I've been stretching my dollars of late by "shopping".. I visit a store, I put everything I'd -like- to buy into a cart or basket, I admire it and walk around the store looking at everything and then slowly put everything in by cart or  basket back onto the shelves. I don't -need- more yarn, or that cute bowl, or that shirt.)
I just picked him up and walked straight up to the counter.
"Ah, you found Nessie" says the guy behind the counter.
"Yes!" Says I, "I simply could not resist him."
"My grandma used to have something like him on her shelves when I was little." He says, "I remember liking it very much but was never allowed to play with him."
I explain that I had intentions of him hanging out in my potted plants pot, handed over my fifty cent piece and then waltzed on my way.

Of course later, it catches up to me that he was quite good looking, and friendly enough to volunteer an interesting story about himself to me. -Maybe- he was even flirting with me.
Doh! I've been out of the game so long that I feel like I never was -in- the game. I need to start picking up on situations like these more quickly!
I do LOVE Nessie though. I think he fits in just fine in his new home, don't you? (Hopefully better photos of the Ness himself to come in the future...)

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