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Indoor Plants

Storm's Coming

Looks like it's going to try and storm tonight.

Indoor Gardens

It started with my grandma (of course! I'll use her as the excuse!) She gave me this fantastic three tiered stand. She was just going to toss it away (it had been given to her) and she asked if I wanted it. I'm a sucker for free furniture so of course I said Yes!
It didn't take me very long at all to decide it's perfect for housing some plants.

SpiderwortHare's Foot Fern
The bottom tier currently houses three plants: Two ferns and my Spiderwort plant.

ZygocactusAcalypha Reptans "Stephie"
The centre tier currently has my Zygocactus and Acalypha Reptans "Stephie".

Codiaeum "Croton"Rhoeo

Aaand top tier has my codiaeum "Croton" with it's beeeautiful multi-coloured leaves and housing a little doll my Aunt gave me for my birthday, and my bitty "Touched By Pink" Rhoeo.

Cordyline "Negra"

And, sitting pretty  next to my stand is my Cordyline "Negra" in the beautiful terracotta pot and housing (as you know) Nessie. (I adore this plant!)


And currently flowering (and also currently "homeless") is one of my Kalanchoe's (you can see the second in the background there)

Not photo'd are my past-it's prime bromeliad and aloe vera plant (which has lots of little baby aloe's sprouting!)
So, I'm enjoying pretending I have a green thumb. I should update you about my outdoor garden sometime too. But since it's winter more focus has been on the Indoors.
I'm pretty proud of myself for getting all of these plants either as gifts from my loving grandmother, or pretty cheap from the markets.
The only problem I'm having is that I'm running out of space again! I need another set of little shelves so I can have more! more plants!

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