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Taken on July 17, 2009, that's me being a goob behind the wheel of The Ford (aka The Deathtrap).

The Ford

For the past half year I've been putting my very life behind the line as I hop behind the wheel of this beast of a car that is certainly much older then I am, and complains more loudly then my grandfather.
(it's his car! He loves this thing)
It shakes, rattles and rolls. It takes ages to pick up speed and once it's up there it takes ages to slow back down again. It's caught on fire once, the air con doesn't work, it's falling apart (the glove box has finally just fallen off for good), it chews through petrol and did I mention that it's BEEN ON FIRE? And still goes?!

I've honestly been terrified of driving this car, but god damn it if it isn't -comfy-... and I guess you can get used to the rattling... at least the radio works... and it hasn't caught fire when -I've- driven it (yet).
Word through the grapevine is my Sister and her family have bought themselves a new car, which means my parents are eager to buy their old one, which will be replacing this old beast of a machine. As much as I'm still suspect towards this car, I think I'm actually going to miss it now that I've gotten it's character down.
Pa reckons this thing will outlive all of us; I think he's right.

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