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Every day, rain or shine. With the (possible) exception of extremely bad sea conditions, there are surfers in the water off Moonee Beach. Even if the ocean is almost as flat as can be they'll be out there just sitting on their boards. It's something I love to stop and watch on my morning walks around the headlands.


The other day on my walk, I was puzzled for a moment; the surfers were further away from the rocks where the good waves normally break. I was wondering for a moment, why they weren't closer to the good surf. But then I spied the reason why:
(easy to see in person, but difficult to photograph: take a look at the larger version of this to see them in a (bit) better detail)

A pod of dolphins were having their turn playing in the surf.
I hung around and watched them for a good fifteen minutes before they head back out into deeper waters.
And then gave the good surf back to "the professionals":

I love it here.

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