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Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytraps are SO COOL! I'm having a bit of a fruit fly problem at the moment and I'm seriously tempted to buy myself some of these fellas just to see if I can keep them alive and watch them CHOW DOWN ON SOME BUGS!


In some of my worst moments, this is my view. For some reason when I'm -miserable- I find myself taking a very hot bath and then laying down on my bathroom floor on my back to cry/think/meditate whatever it is I need to do the most.

Butcher Bird

The adolescent butcher bird outside my grandparents place. They are ugly birds (personality wise, there's a reason why they're called Butchers) but they have a beautiful song.
My grandfather has always  been good with birds and loves them. He admitted during my visit that while Granny was away at church he had opened up the back door and lured this little guy  into the house with some food scraps, and shooed him away before she returned. He hung around their birdbath hoping to be invited back in for the rest of the day.

Frog Skeleton

I'm having a massive "spring" cleaning in my place (not quite spring but it's  been so lovely and warm it -feels- like spring) Sweeping underneath the fridge in my downstairs kitchen I unearthed this little gem! It appears to be an intact skeleton of a little tree frog. I wonder how long he's been down there letting the ants pick him clean.

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