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Deep, Dark Thoughts.

Taken on July 24, 2009. One of my favourite stretches of Bucca Road leading out towards Nana Glen.

It's been a very heavy week. I'm having a major falling out with someone who I used to love dearly. Discovering many, many hurtful lies that were fed to me.
Learning how to take one big, massive step back away from the situation is going to be a hard lesson for me to learn.
So is keeping my temper.

Flowers For Sale

After a particularly trying confrontation that (I felt) I handled pretty well I went off on my own to think and try and clear my head.
These roadside carts from the flower farmers along Bucca Road always cheer me up. I love the honour system they have in place. And often the bouquets are quite beautiful.

Bucca Road

A couple posts ago iyu mentioned how New Zealand wins for natural beauty.. but I guess that's in the eye of the beholder, because to me there is nothing more breath-taking then this landscape.
There's just something about gum trees. I love how they go straight, up high high high and make you feel so tiny besides them. I love their crooked branches, their scribbly bark, and their pleasant smell.


I ended up on that trip in Grafton, doing a "trial run" for next weekend when I'll be taking Pa to visit their Timber Festival with me. It's a fantastic little town all on it's own though.
I'm keeping a hand-written journal (or trying to) with a lot of my more intimate thoughts and revelations.
There's been a whole lot of them this week.

I also heard the news that one of my brother's best friends from high school has committed suicide.
It's a shock, as suicide always is, and I know my brother and the Lee household are grieving for their loss.
I didn't know him as well as my brother did, but I always will remember him as a vibrant and cheerful person.

Just more stuff to think about... I'm finding I'm brooding a lot of late.
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