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I Get By..

with a little help from my friends..

I was all "woe-is-me"-ing to a buddy of mine and he's agree'd to help kick my ass back into gear and generally has been incredibly (at times overwhelmingly) supportive of late.
I was discussing some of my goals for the upcoming week, one of which includes some more Letters of Introductions to a couple galleries near by and far...
Next thing I know this ends up in my email from him!

Hello, my name is Beiame. 

      I am pretty much the most amazing person ever!  I can control the elements and heal people when it suits me.  I love nature, art, tea, and PORN !!! But then again, who doesn’t right?  I take awesome pictures and can fill your gallery with greatness.  You can put all of you old worthless paintings for lazy and stupid painters like Rembrandt in the warehouse where they belong.   I can also knit and crotchet neat things and can also benefit your gallery in that way as well.  I have been to school and currently hold a degree in FUCK ING AWESOMKE! I also minored in art history.  I realize that you may think that you cannot afford to pay me what I’m worth… and you’re correct.  However, I am willing to work with you on salary.  Attached is my Resume and credentials.  Please feel free to verify them and be awe struck when you realize I’m not fucking kidding!!! 


      Beiame, The greatest person in Australia

(Beiame is the name I go by on World of Warcraft)

HAHAHAHAHA! I can not tell you how much this brightened up my day. Mostly posting this here so I can find it easily and remind myself of this and some of the awesome people in my life when I need to. Yags. I can not thank you enough, thanks for being such a good friend.
I'm still having trouble narrowing down which photos to choose for the Marnie Yeats contest, but I've narrowed it down to four top choices; I'm going to see how expensive it is to print out the four of them and (if I can afford it) see if seeing them "actual size" will help sway my decision making.

I am determined to make this a super productive week.


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