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Catching Up: Glenreagh Timber Festival!

Oh dear, didn't quite carry on that momentum beyond a week right? Well, that was to be expected, now to hop back into the saddle:

Taken on August 1, 2009. At the Glenreagh Timber Festival, I took my Pa for a morning outting at the country festival. As you can see we got an absolutely drop dead gorgeous day for it.

Glenreagh Timber Festival

It started off with some beautiful Collies showing off some of their herding skills.

Glenreagh Timber Festival
Glenreagh Timber Festival

Although  both Pa and I later agreed that we thought those four sheep were just as trained if not moreso then the dogs themselves. They spent most of the time hanging around the farmer's ankles. Hah!

Glenreagh Timber Festival

The TRUE show of the animals abilities came towards the end when he brought out somewhere between fifteen and twenty dogs to let run around. They went nuts and were running all over the place!
One whistle from them stopped all a nimals in their tracks though, and one by one by name he was able to call them forward and line them up in a "down" position to have a footrace with a bunch of kids. It was amazing to watch!

Glenreagh Timber Festival

Afterwards we headed over to where they would be starting wood chopping heats, as it is a timber festival woodchopping was the highlight of the day.

Glenreagh Timber Festival
(have I mentioned how much I love gum trees?)

Glenreagh Timber Festival

Unfortunatley I only managed to catch a few shots of the guys prepairing their logs for the first heat before my camera battery died(!!) and I didn't have a spare on me(!!!!!)
Foolish, Kate.
Oh well, at least I managed to get a shot of the cute one doing his thing:
Glenreagh Timber Festival

And made sure I got all the important angles...
Glenreagh Timber Festival

*head tilt* Mmm Mmm!! I think I now have a thing for lumberjacks...

Pa and I left around noonish after lunch, I know we were both pretty nervous about heading out together on our own for different reasons, but I'm happy to say it went incredibly smoothly, and we both ended up having a really great time. I'll have to plan more outings with my Pa from now on, I think!


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Aug. 9th, 2009 08:50 am (UTC)
Oh, lots of nervous things for both of us...
I know for myself I was nervous taking Pa out on my own for the first time. He's wheelchair bound unless he's around his house really, and I was worried about finding a parking space, making sure he could get out of the car and into his wheelchair (and back into the car at the end of the day) and being able to push the wheelchair on my own over bare ground.
I was also nervous about my own social anxieties, especially the little panic attack I suffered a couple of weeks ago in Bellingin.
Pa was worried I know because he has been having kidney issues which means frequent trips to the bathroom, and since he can't stand up very well on his own and public outings saps his energy anyways, public bathrooms aren't an easy option for him.

As it turned out, I had no problem handling his wheelchair, or finding a parking spot. And having him around calmed my nerves and gave me someone to focus on and talk to and I ended up enjoying my day without any panic.
Pa brought along his little travel bottle to pee in and a blanket to drape across his lap so that no one would notice, and I believe it worked very well so he was able to enjoy his day as well. We also made a short day of it too so he wouldn't get overtired.

It was such a success that I really should see if I can come up with more things to do with him, he's just such a grumpy buggar to please *grins*
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