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Taken on August 3, 2009. Modeling a pair of panties(!) Sent to me by some buddies in Florida as a late birthday/4th of July present.

I got a surprise package in the mail from a bunch of friends who live in Florida, who I love dearly!
I met them through WoW and I've known them for quite some time now. Our guild (in WoW) had a meet-up in Nashville, TN earlier in this year and I was pretty bummed that I didn't get to go.
The blazing patriotica is also a bit of an in-joke, and the package itself was being put together around the 4th of July so FUCKYEAHAMERICA was a good theme throughout the whole thing ;)
The idea, I believe, was to put as much "American" stuff as possible.

Florida Package

This just might be my favourite out of it all, just a work of art in general, it's a black velvet poster.. My personal favourite is the "Spiderbear" that I've been told once was completely decorated to look like Spiderman... and then had a glass of alcohol poured across it. HAH!

Florida Package

The Nashville visit included a visit to The Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson, and so they sent me this really amazing bobblehead as a "souvinear" to a vacation I never took ;)
I have to say, this might have the least sentimental quality to it, but it by far was the highest quality product. He's currently hanging out on my desk freaking out Bei and Kana there.

Last but not least, this is a long standing in-joke between myself and Alexia; I was mentioning the kangaroo testicle coin pouches that you can see in tacky Australian giftstores, and she was explaining to me about these plastic testicles that rednecks apparently get and hang on the rearview mirrors of their cars. So I was VERY surprised to find this amongst my goodies:
Florida Package

And have to admit I was expecting something a bit.... bigger.

The undies (pictured above) was also a bit of a laugh mostly due to a conversation that went along the lines of:
HIM: Hey, Bei, don't take this the wrong way but what size underwear do you wear?
ME: Uhhh... size medium.. why?
HIM: Oh, okay, we found a pair of underwear to put in your package, it says "booty camp" so we thought it was suitably American. We bought an XL though since we tried it on Alexia and they seemed really small.
ME: ... If my ass is now an "Extra Large" in America I'm going to be incredibly sad.

And as you can clearly see.. they fit perfectly. *SIGH* My ass is now an American XL. (But still an Aussie medium, just another reason why I need never leave here)

Also part of the package but not photographed included an AMAZING birthday card signed by everyone, a packet of oreos (YUM!), A police patch from the town where one of my mates works as a cop, and a dongle with a whole bunch of music and some home-video with messages from my buddies and 4th of July celebrations.

I'm busy putting together a package to send back their way with some Aussie goodies in it, but it really made my day!

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