Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Important Things to Remember

Chances are, the things that you loved when you were a child, you will continue to love when you are an adult.

Serenity Beach

Yesterday I went and spent a good couple of hours down on Serenity ("Shelly" to my family) beach. It had struck me how I'd been going along the beach pretty much daily on my morning walks, but I could not remember the last time I spent more then tops: ten min. on the beach. So I decided to go down, hang out and (since it was low tide) do one of my FAVOURITE things to do when I was young: Explore the rock pools.

Serenity Beach

Rock pools are magical. I firmly believe this.

Serenity Beach

Vegetation is varied, and in order to spy the thousands of lifeforms that exist in these little worlds you really have to... slow down... and sit... and watch.. and wait...

Serenity Beach

And eventually, they will reveal themselves to you. An incredible, effective form of meditation.

Taken on August 7, 2009. Serenity "Shelly" Beach.

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