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Taken on August 9, 2009. Taken at Corindi Beach.

I was bitten by a little bit of wanderlust, I've been a bit itchy around the house and knew I had to Get Out. I just didn't know where.
I started off with a quick visit to my grandparents to say hi and to give my Pa his hat back that he left in my car, and Gran recommended I stop at Corindi which is just north of Woolgoolga.
It suited my petrol-limited budget fine, so I packed my lunch and drove away!

Corindi Beach

The weather has been absolutely perfect of late. Brilliant, bright, sunny days. It's warm in the sunshine, cool in the shade. Not -quite- warm enough steadily for short sleeves for MY taste, but clearly the locals are starting to think otherwise. Corindi beach is beautiful as all the beaches along this coast are.

Corindi Beach

I didn't end up staying very long. I'm not sure what I'm so anxious about; I -thought- I had to get away from the house but I still couldn't sit still and just relax. I thought briefly about going for a walk on the beach, then thought I'd come back home and go for a walk along Moonee Beach here, and then when I got here I just stayed inside knitting. So there's some sort of restless anxiety going on, I suppose I have lot to be anxious about; I expect to hear back from Canberra this week, I have a doctor's appointment (finally) on Tuesday, I have a billion and ten craft-related-ideas going on in my head that I'm having trouble kicking off, and several other things as well.

Corindi Beach

I've started to explore meditation, and with the help of a friend have begun to put it into practice, if only for very short moments to begin with to try and get used to breathing techniques. I'm honestly not sure I could go for very long right now anyways, I'm finding it so incredibly difficult to calm my mind. But with practice, it will become easier. It's like art.

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