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Things to Remember

Things to Remember 01

Something that's been playing around in the back of my head...

I've been collecting these fantastic, vintage doilies and handkerchiefs from op shops. I just find them very beautiful and wanted to do something with them.
I've been doing a lot of self reflection. A lot of reading about philosophies, mantras, and "self-help" books. I've been having a lot of discussions with willing friends.
I've started writing down quotes that I come across that make sense to me in a little notebook, but I wanted something... more, more substantial maybe.

Things to Remember 01

I'm enamored with this project. Embroidering your own handwriting is surprisingly intimate, this goes hand in hand with the start of writing actual letters with a couple close friends (I love it! If you're interested in a pen pal, let me know!). Handwriting is beautiful and unique and perhaps could even become obsolete in the future. (Isn't that a scary thought? It is to me...)
Embroidery like this also takes time. This one was just three words, but it took me an entire evening to finish this and in that time I had plenty of time to meditate on what these three words mean to me.

I've already begun my next one. :)

Just to be clear, the only thing I added to this was the lettering, all other embroidery and design was not done by me.


Aug. 13th, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
Finding just the right colours is going to be one of the fun parts, I think!
This was a beautiful DMC variegated thread. I think these warm colours as "mine" as well, (orange, red, yellow, brown) it's funny to see other people see that as well :)


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