Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,


I am certainly... certainly not above bribing myself.


I had spied these in the op shop earlier in the week after a browse through. After acknowledging the fact that I was feeling anxious about the Doctor's visit and the follow-up bloodwork, I told myself that if I did it without resorting to a reschedule, I would allow myself to buy this set.
I'm such a collector, have you noticed yet? Yarn, doilies, fabric... and now I've decided to give into my temptation to collect teacups.


I am completely in love with this set. Especially since it'll match some of the other kitchen goods I've started to gather.


Oh, I picked up this one too.. even though it doesn't match the other kitchen goods I've started to collect. *Grins*
At least I'm a cheap date, both things for $5.

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