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Canberra Travels

So, last week I took a quick trip down to this country's capital to have my interview. Regrettably I was only there for one full day, and I was such a huge bundle of nerves focusing on OMG INTARVIEW AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! that I really wasn't paying any attention to the other things I did get to, and sadly few photos were taken.

There were some though, so here's a little bit of a taste of what I was up to last week:

First thing you do when you visit the capital? Go visit the War Memorial of course!



The long stretch of ANZAC Parade down to the Parliament building and pretty much the extend of Canberra's "skyline." I've never really been in such an open, spread-out and clearly well-planned city before (I'm used to cities like Boston and Sydney that kind of developed since before people were driving those new-fangled car things and commonly have six or seven roads meeting in one intersection.

Necessary graffiti shots:
My favourite is the simple "MAN MAN" up in the upper right hand corner, partially cut off sadly. MAN MAN is so manly he has to write it twice. I saw his "tag" several times around the city.

(Hopefully) My future place of employment!!:
Has a giant.. loop.. thing.

Also this, the "Garden of Australian Dreams" I don't -really- buy what this has to do with the "Australian Dream".. but it's sure fun to play around on!

I had breakfast here, it was lovely!

I discovered I was staying at the wrong hotel.
I have no idea what's involved with a "Cuddle 'n' Bubble Package" but I know I want it!!!

About as close I got to the Parliament building on this trip, photo taking from across the lake BURLY GRIFFIN.
That pyramidal flag pole is how we channel our AWESOME.

The interview itself was a little bit terrifying, but I think (I hope) I handled myself well enough. I was told that they'd like to begin this project as soon as possible so I'm hoping for a quick turn-around whether or not I get the job.. nothing so far though. In the meantime I'm putting all my nervous energy into... stuff. Evidence to come!

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