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Things to Remember

Things to Remember 04

Things to Remember 04

This is an interesting one, and an example of one of the quotes I've collected that makes me think, but I don't necessarily agree with. I think the wording is sloppy. Although I get what it's -trying- to say, and that leads me to think, I think it could be worded better.

Things to Remember 04

I've been asked why I don't reference where I heard the quotes, and that's for two reasons. The lazy reason is because I can't keep it uniform; it's true that a lot of the quotes I get from sources that do have the original speaker referenced, but not all of them. Some of them I remember from casual conversations; someone repeating the quote that somebody told them, some of them are completely original ideas by me or people I talk to, but I wouldn't be able to tell for sure. Or someone can remember the quote but not who said it (something I know I do a lot) which leads me to my second and more important reason:
It's not about who said it, it's about the saying itself. I think pairing a name with these would distract from the words themselves. Although it's true sometimes knowing who said it provides more context, but I'm hoping these are powerful enough to stand on their own for consideration and meditation; make your own context.
Do you agree? Does this speak to you? Why or why not?


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