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365 and Personal Nature: The Stone Collector


Why it's me!!!
This is the only family photo that's over here in Emerald Beach, I'm not sure how it ended up over here, but here it is.
I love this photo.


I -thought- it was me, but I couldn't be sure... and so before I went posting things that might not have been true, I had to double check with my Mum whether or not it really was me, or if it was my sister.


Here's what she had to say:
"The photograph is you – the stream is somewhere along the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. It was taken when you were about 14 months old and we were on a camping trip. Needless to say if there was a body of water you were drawn to it like a magnet. You also loved stones as a toddler and could routinely be found with one in your mouth. You often picked them up from our unsealed driveway in Hudson. To the best of my knowledge you never swallowed one. I love that photo too."


I still love rocks and often end up picking one up and putting it in my pocket. Shells too, and especially sea glass (I don't keep *those* treasures outside...)


I was having an interesting conversation with my grandparents and Uncle Stewart last week in regards to personality traits and family heredity.
It's interesting to me, pondering on how much of our personality and habits are consciously done. How many do we have the power to effect? How much is instinct? What makes us act the way we do?


Why am I so drawn to rocks? Specifically smooth water-worn ones that can fit into my hand. Even better if they're from the ocean since I have a habit of licking rocks(!!) (I believe you can only see the true beauty of rocks and the depth of their colours when they are wet; even "plain gray rocks" can magically turn a myriad of colours when wet!... plus, you know, salt water...)

365 021
Taken on August 28, 2009 with the messy living room in the background.
25 years on. Still cute, still loves water, still collects rocks.

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