Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Tis the Season


Fire season that is, it's actually been around for a couple of weeks now, you can tell when the Sugarcane fields up north are burning their lands because the smoke smog becomes quite intense.
The fire above isn't from a farm though, that one is close to the centre of Coffs Harbour actually. I was down in the CBD earlier today and driving home I noticed some fire fighters trying to put out a blaze in one of the shopping centre gardens. They had that one well under control though so this current one burning down there can't be that one. But it is clear that at least one arsonist active in the area.
It's something that always manages to make me very angry, arson... I simply do not understand it. I don't understand why anyone could intentionally light a fire during the dry, especially so close to habitation.. I can feel my rage building even just typing these sentences!


Here's another, bigger fire that's also burning at the moment, although it's out in the farmlands so it's more likely a clearing fire that's got a bit out of control.


Looks like the fire brigade boys will be kept very active this season...

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