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I keep up with a lot of blogs across the internets. 90% of which are artistic or creative in subject. I also try and get into a habit of browsing through some of the groups I'm a part of in Flickr.
I end up coming across SO many jaw-droppingly gorgeous and inspirational pieces of work.

Rather then just letting these things drift off again into the endlessness of internet-space, I've been picking out a couple favourite pieces I've come across so far to share here.
Just three for now...
First up is caffaknitted embroidery and dolls I came across on Flickr:

Check out her Flickr gallery for a lot more amazing things she's made. She also has an Etsy store too!

Next up the AMAZING Painting/embroidery combo that is mimilove forever's Flickr gallery:

Oh my gawd, I love her stuff SO much. I literally spent an entire night the other night just going back through all of her amazing blog posts just eating up everything she has. I would LOVE to do something along these lines.. what an inspiration!
She also has an Etsy shop!! oh god I could be in trouble, I want it all!

And finally these amazing dolls from Floydine on Etsy

Oh man! And this is just a small, small taste of the things that have inspired me of late. There are so many people out there doing amazing things with needle and thread!!

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