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Happiness is that first glimpse of red amongst your strawberry plants!

After pretty much killing everything in the side-garden (just not enough light, I'm thinking) I've managed to take a few choice subjects to the front garden where they're getting more continuously sunlight and they're clearly loving it!!


My cherry tomatoes are doing well too, lots of fruit growing on them already!



Nursed the chives there back to health, Cilantro too actually looks like it's going to pull through as well.

Mint's Gone Crazy

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the mint's gone positively feral and is crowding out the little clump of parsley left there!
I sadly have managed to kill Mum's beautiful rosemary bush (I'm so sorry mum!) so I'll have to see if I can't get a replacement one.. I'd like to get some more varieties of parsley and thyme too.
It's a small garden, this year, but it makes me immensely happy!


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