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Things to Remember

Things to Remember 12

NPR's Speaking of Faith is still one of my favourite podcasts to keep up with. I recently sat down the other day to listen to the episode with poet John O'Donohue. In it he mentioned briefly how there is a lack of -good- conversations going on these days between people. Not just the generic "hi, how are you? I'm fine." convos, but the ones that you really sit down and listen and share and bond with someone over. One where you might hear somebody say something and go "wow, yeah... that really makes sense to me."

Things to Remember 12

I've been lucky enough to have had not just one but quite a few such satisfying conversations with a buddy of mine of late.
And you know what? I couldn't even tell you the context of this quote, our conversations tend to be extensive and a bit free-form. I know I was talking about my grandfather, his health and mortality; he was talking about the future and his hopes and plans as he undertakes a dramatic chapter change in his life.
Somewhere along the line he said this, it was a bit offhand, I don't think he meant it to be as profound as I took it. But it was a definite "Wow." "Yeah, that's right." moment. So I wrote it down! And then embroidered it, as I do now.

Things to Remember 12

Branching off into serviettes! This one was only a single, but now I'm thinking of coming up with four (or six) quotes with a related theme and doing them on vintage linen napkins.
Maybe even sayings that are food related?
The options are eeeendlesssss!

(I'm enjoying these)

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