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Things to Remember

Things to Remember 13

Taking a break from the serious nature of them. Almost.

Things to Remember 13

Since I started these, I've become a bit "tune in" to the possible sources for quotes and sayings. Keeping my ears and eyes open if you will. I started reading a truly horrible book I borrowed from the library; I hadn't gotten far into it before something to read MUCH better presented itself to me, but I did come across a bit of dialogue early in the book.
To paraphrase: "I only have two pieces of advice that are important. Beware a mass ambush. Beware a lone assassin."
And I thought... You know what?.. that IS good advice.

Things to Remember 13

And then I came across this doily. It's horrible. Machine made, some crappy, stiff, polyester-type fabric. It's so girly chintzy cute that it makes my stomach turn a little bit.
What better backing for such a sinister message?
Maybe it's all the James Bond films I've been watching recently, the covert messages coming from unexpected places idea pleases me. I'm picturing High Tea with fluffy, frosted cupcakes and delicate rose-print china and ladies dressed in ruffles and lace. You pick up a plate of finger-food only to discover this message: But too late!!!!
Ninja everywhere.

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