Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Playing a Bit of Catchup.

I've been busy! Busy busy, but happily, I've been remembering to bring (and use!) the camera.

I HOPEFULLY have figured out a staggered posting option too, so I won't be bombarding you with posts all at onces; hopefully it works!

365 026.
Taken on October 7. 2009. At Corindi Beach!

It's school holidays and I've managed to organize a couple days over the past couple of weeks where I was able to take my nieces off my Sister's hands for the day. We've been having a blast today! It's been hot hot hot which means lots of picnic lunches and playing in the ocean. We've been traveling up and down the coast locally searching out new picnic spots and playgrounds!

This day we were back at Corindi beach which I have already visited once already in this project! 

And it's as beautiful as ever!!!

Corindi Beach

Corindi Beach

Corindi Beach

Corindi Beach

Corindi Beach

(god these photos make me SO HAPPY! Fire, Flood, Dust Storms... it's all worth it to live in my very definition of Paradise)
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