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I've been wanting to get back up to Dorrigo for ages; I didn't trust the Ford to make the journey up Waterfall Way, and when I finally had a car that COULD make the journey, I've been running around after my grandparents all day. Is told me that she'd never been up to Dorrigo rainforest, and I said WHAT?!? That's it, we're going on a field trip.


Still looking up!

The girls were GREAT little field-trip mates. Even Angie did a great job walking and keeping up. The path down to the bird lookout and back was -just- long enough.
Isobelle was quite happy to run around and ahead and behind snapping photos of everything on her own digital camera!


365 027
Taken on October 9, 2009. Taken with my two nieces in the Dorrigo National Rainforest.


Angela liked these trees that were covered with vines the best. She said it looked like they were wearing sweaters! And it does :)

Afterwards we had some treats in the cafe!
Chocolate and Lime milkshakes!
(I had a brief "UGH" at the thought of lime milkshakes.. citrus and milk?.. but Is assured me it was good and even gave me a taste; it WAS good!)

One last trip down the tree-top walk to admire the view and we called it a day.

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