Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,


Now, I've visited Dorrigo quite a few times now, each time hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Lyrebird that graces those rainforests.
It's never happened; usually it's just lots of bushturkies.
But not anymore!
Of course we would happen to come across one when I was with my two notoriously impatient nieces who just aren't as excited about staying still, quiet and watching wildlife as I am.
In fact it was pretty much the ONLY Fauna we came across on our walk.



I'm 98% percent sure it's a female lyrebird, it doesn't have the tale-tell beautiful fan that a male would, but it does have the long, curly tail feathers.
I'm pretty pleased with that! Now if I can only catch sight of a male...

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