Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,


Automatic posting = big success!

At least as long as the computer is on.. and the program I use is open...
so it's not -perfect- but it's good enough!

Serenity Beach

In celebration have a pretty photo!
Hopefully this will allow me to actually successfully do the upcoming Post-a-Day goal for NaNoBloPo...
so long as my computer doesn't short out like it did the other morning! That was a heart-stopper!
A big storm came through (you can see the beginning of it creeping into that photo above) and short out the power and when it came back on my computer just would not start!

I took it to the computer doctor though and since it wasn't TOO expensive for a new power supply I had it fixed, but I really can't go having that many financial crisis' at the moment.
Anyways, enjoy some of the upcoming posts! Plenty of interesting pictures from the Life of Kate to come!

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