Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

A Day of Beginnings

It's been one of -those- days.
One where I flitter about; starting a whole bunch of new projects and working a little bit on each, but not getting anything done.
A knitting project, more embroidery, a blog project, a house cleaning project.. well like eight house cleaning projects...
It's a common thing for me to do, really.

I can't believe it's November already. This year has gone by so quickly hasn't it?
I'm pretty excited about taking on the little challenge of making one blog post a day for a month.
Triple j is celebrating November as Australian Music Month and I thought that I would play along as well.
So for each day of this month I'll be posting a link to an Australian band At My Other Blog.
This other blog is a step towards a more "professional" blog. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to step away from Livejournal completely or not just yet. For the most part there'll be a lot of overlap between that one and this... but in the meantime, if you'd like to perhaps come across some new music if you're not too familiar with Australian music and maybe find a new group to support I recommend peeking over at that blog this month and checking out what I've come up with.

In typical Australian fashion, earlier this week it went from "World is on Fire!" to "Ohai I Heard U Like Rainz!"
Which is to say it's gone from hot and dry and crispy to sudden floods. After the rains passed on I found my poor dear cherry tomato pot absolutely flooded with water; what a hard way to discover your pot doesn't have very good drainage! Just goes to show that I'm still very much a n00b gardener.

Poor Dying Cherry Tomatos

I've drained the pot and added in larger drainage holes, but I have a feeling the damage to the roots is already done. I've been really REALLY enjoying these tomatos as well, they're as sweet as candy!

New Tomatos

Not everything suffored from the rain though; in fact it's done wonders for the heirloom tomato seedlings I bought the other weekend as well as the basil!

Herb Garden

In fact except for that cherry tomato plant, everything seems to be prospering after the much-needed rains.
Just a bit of a hard lesson to learn; always check the bottom of your pots!!

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