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Taken on October 31, 2009. Best holiday ever?

Halloween 2009

So Halloween isn't that big of a deal over here, The shops are all getting onto it because of the consumerist slant, but for the past couple of years I've noticed it's mostly about parties at the local bar or your mates place then the full-on Halloween experience you get in the Northern Hemisphere.
But yeah, any excuse to dress up! Originally I intended to head in to the local pub for the evening, but ended up "losing interest" (chickened out *sigh*) but at least the dressing up part was fun; that's the best bit anyways.

Halloween 2009
(Long Sleeved Version; quickly discarded since it was quite a hot day)

Halloween 2009

ANYWAYS so, having decided on a night in after all you can imagine my shock when I ended up getting a pair or trick or treaters(!!) These two cute little girls were going around with their Dad ACTUALLY trick or treating!
Well.. I had a little bit of a panic attack since I certainly wasn't expecting anything so I was all "Oh yes! Aren't you two beautiful!" and in a tone that'd break your heart they ask "Do you have any lollies?" And, picturing these two poor girls standing on similar doorsteps in front of baffled homeowners who were similarly not prepared, I go "uh.. I sure do, let me just run upstairs real quick and get some.."
I hurry inside, starting to sweat a little bit, inner monologue is going a bit like:
Okay, okay, you have to have something...  Well, I have apples I just bought them yesterday... APPLES?! How LAME is that!
Okay... uh.. OH! Tiny Teddies! You bought those individual packs for the nieces the other week you had some left over right?
Didn't you eat those yourself the other day?
God Damn it.. there has to be SOMETHING..
Unpopped popcorn snack bags don't count..
WAIT! What's this?
Are they chocolate?
I love you Mum, I love you Mum
"Here you go ladies! One for each of you! Have a very happy Halloween!"
God I wonder how long these have been in the bottom of that cupboard..

Halloween 2009
(Ignore the poorly laced corset, so difficult to get yourself into one of those things on your own..)

So there you go, actual trick or treaters this year, I wonder if it's going to become more of a serious thing?


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