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Further Adventures of N00b Gardener

Botanical Gardens

Today, I'd like to talk to you about Artichokes.

Artichokes. They are green. They are also HUGE!

Botanical Gardens

I bought myself some seedlings months ago because, hey, yeah, I like me some artichokes.. I'd give it a go.
I put them in my little pot and then was a bit confused and dismayed when they originally withered away.. I attributed it towards the lack of sunlight in the side garden since several plants went that way over there; they didn't survive the Great Move To The Front Yard '09.
THEN, Then dear readers. I visited the Botanical Gardens. (You might remember me telling you about this a little while ago.) And there they have this amazing, and beautiful artichoke plant, complete with fruit.

Botanical Gardens

And let me tell you people, these plants are HUGE (and beautiful) but HUGE! They were almost as tall as I was and covered a wide area.
No wonder they didn't like my piddly little pots very much.

WHO KNEW! I certainly didn't.. but now I do.. and now you do too (if you didn't know already, that is)... and knowledge is power!

One day, I will grow myself some artichokes. It's on The List.

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