Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Surprise Guests

The other morning I noticed there was a break in the rain so I thought I'd get up and go for my morning run (something I'm honestly trying to make a habit.. honestly.. really..)
I threw on some clothes, slipped into my sneaks then opened the curtains to the front window to head on out and promptly got scared out of my wits by some unexpected visitors!


Oh, hello there! It was our local mob of roos! There were quite more then these two but by the time I grabbed my camera just these two decided to hang around with me. I'm not sure who scared each other more, me or the roos.


It's not unusual to see them hanging out in your lawns; the population has recently risen in leaps and bounds (tee hee..) and has started to split off into several smaller mobs (I've identified two, I think..) so I think space is becoming more and more of an issue. What IS unusual is me thinking to grab my camera while they're around.
I've got my eyes on these roos though... now I have a veggie patch to protect, they're not quite as welcome!


Yes, I'm talking to you, Cutie!! Stay away from those strawberries!!
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