Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Back on Track!

Hurrah! I once more have power over the internets. And oh, the catching up I have to do(!)

Tree Frog

Lets start with the latest house guest, shall we?

I think it's safe to say I love this fellow.

Tree Frog

Every few months our paths will cross; usually after some heavy rainfall like we've been having (brings out all the bugs!)
I'm pretty sure it's the same guy; you might recall some photos I took of him two years ago one of which I entered into the Marnie Yeates Photo Competition.
(I'm also just assuming it's a male, I really don't know how you would begin to tell...)

Tree Frog

Anyways, I'm pretty sure it's the same frog, are they territorial?  He's gotten a little bit bigger every time I see him too. As you can (kind of) see above, he's pretty much as big as my palm now. And each time it seems his personality grows just a little bit more.
I'm sure he doesn't appreciate me shining a flashlight in his eyes very much though, but I can't help myself.

Tree Frog

In fact, our paths cross with enough regularity now that I feel compelled to give him a name.. something suitably dapper maybe..

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