Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

In Praise of the Markets

Fresh Fruit

I'm currently reading "The Ethics of What We Eat" by Peter Singer and Jim Mason. It's a fantastic read on many levels and I hope, later, when I'm done, I'll put aside some time to really ponder on what I learn from this book. But for now I wanted to share one little sentence from the book that really jumped out at me; from the chapter discussing shopping locally:
"A study has shown that people have ten times as many conversations at farmers' markets as they do in supermarkets."

This rings true to me, and I think for anyone who has allowed themselves to embrace the farmers market experience will agree as well.
And for someone who is (very) shy (people phobic?) and (once again) living all on her ownsome, having an easy conversation starter can be a huge blessing.

I love my farmers market, it's every Thursday and I just feel a little bit incomplete if I have to miss it somehow (of late it's been because of accompanying grandparents to various appointments or meetings; I'm beginning to be convinced Thursdays are the only day their various doctors make appointments..)
I'm also slowly getting to learn what's available seasonally.
It's certainly hot, hot, hot enough for me to DEFINITELY understand that summer is not already on the way, but it might as well be here. But my stomach is having a hard time adjusting to the back-the-front seasons change even two years onwards.

I'll tell you what though; it's beginning to be stone fruit season and this makes me one of the happiest people in the world. All those delicious fruit above cost me about five bucks.. and let me tell you; those nectarines are pure ambrosia. It's making my poor, confused stomach feel much better about adjusting.  

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