Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Signs of Summer

Botanical Gardens

Tis the season, again. Or at least, it was SUPPOSED to have been the season.
The jacarandas, the definitive signal that summer is here around this place, are all in bloom.
I decided last year that I would take a trip up to Grafton; about an hour's drive north of me, this year because it's a town known for its beautiful jacaranda trees.
The town loves these trees so much that they hold a festival in the trees honour every year.
I was expecting there to be more noise about it in the paper; but to my dismay when it occurred to me to check I learned that I had just MISSED this years festival by two days. :P
Also we had been hit by another week of horrible heavy rain causing flooding all along the coast in my area. So I decided to take a trip up north anyway to see how it was looking, but wasn't expecting anything truly breath-taking.


As expected, by the time I got up there; most of the blossoms had been knocked off the trees and washed away.



There was a couple trees stubbornly hanging onto their purple decorations, despite it all, but it was clear I had missed the peak of the seasonal blooms.

365 035
Taken on November 10, 2009 in Grafton, NSW.


Oh well, I suppose there's always next year... at least the trip wasn't a TOTAL bust:
Grafton Yarn

I found a yarn shop! But it's only open on Thursdays and Saturdays... bummer! I'll have to visit again sometime.


Also, I'm endlessly amused by the seemingly inability for trees in Australia to grow in straight lines.

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