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Dessert Pizza

Dessert Pizza

Know what's a good idea?

Dessert Pizzas are a good idea. Especially if you have kids.
Maybe not such a good idea if you're concerned about your weight...
just go on a long walk (with kids!) afterwords, this is worth it.

Dessert Pizza

Mostly because of just how easy this is to throw together.
We (the nieces, friend of niece, and I) made pizzas for lunch yesterday and of course we had to have afternoon snacks (although usually our snacks aren't quite so... sugary) and we did have one left-over pizza base..

*Pizza base (or make your own dough, it's not hard! But for convenience sake, I used store-bought bases)
*Cream cheese for our base
*Chocolate (can be chips, we used a bar broke up into squares)
*Fresh fruit (or frozen; we had fresh raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. I LOVE SUMMER BERRY SEASON!!!!)
(or anything else really! go nuts experimenting, this is just what we had around)

Slide that baby into an oven (160 C) for fifteen minutes or so, then let it sit on the counter for another ten-fifteen minutes (DO NOT EAT RIGHT AWAY! Not only will it give the berries a chance to not be molten, but if you let it sit your chocolate will melt and go all ooey and gooey a bit more and that's a VERY GOOD THING)

Dessert Pizza

Enjoy the sugar rush!

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