Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Summer Nights, Green Friends.

This is how you truly know that it is summer.

The days are long and hot. You'll go a full day with not-a-cloud-in-the-sky blue skies. The sun will feel closer, more intense. It will suck the very water out of your body. You could swear you could -watch- your grass turn brown and brittle. Watch the leaves of your veggie garden droop.

And then in the early evening a wind will pick up; at first just dry heat moving around, but slowly it will cool off as the clouds begin to gather on the horizon. And gradually those clouds will turn black and the thunder will begin to roll. And usually way out over the ocean the lightning forks will begin to flash and gradually they'll move inland and over where you are; shaking the very foundation of the house.

No rain though, only if you're -very- lucky will you get some raindrops, and never for very long.
Often within an hour it will all be over and as quickly as the storm blew through, the heat will once again descend making sleep near impossible in a house lacking air conditioning.
It's brilliant, but also dangerous; dry and brittle brush + lightning = fires.. but that's nothing new in this country and I'm not worried.

I've been camping out on the porch the past couple of evenings; trying a bit desperately to capture a flash of lightning with my camera. No luck so far, I have a sinking feeling it's going to just take sheer chance for me to get it with my point-and-shoot if it's going to happen at all... but summer's only just begun, I have plenty more evenings to try.

I haven't been alone either! The storms bring out my green friend even if it doesn't bring rain. I've caught him hanging out with me a couple of times.


He's so gorgeous! And noisy, but he does such a good job eating bugs that I can forgive him for this.
I'm thinking of "Verde" for his name, it keeps coming to mind.


No surprises why. ;)

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