Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Verdi + Friends

Tree Frog and Passengers

I was lucky enough to catch Verdi (thanks Shadow!) outside during the day time not long after Christmas, singing his (her?) little heart out.
I wasted no time experimenting with my brand new camera, in fact I'm ashamed to admit that I was so excited about playing around with different settings that I didn't notice his (her?) passengers until after at LEAST twelve practice shots!

But after noticing them I couldn't help but squee; LOOKIT THOSE BABY SNAILS!!!! They are just way too freaking cute!

Tree Frog and Passengers

They were just crawling all over him! (her?) How I wish I had a proper macro lens to play around with them and their itty bitty cutest little faces.

Tree Frog and Passengers

In fact I think THAT'S what he (she?) is croaking about; not the lovely damp days we were having, but the fact that OMG THERE'S SNAILS ALL OVER ME! I'd probably be complaining loudly too...

Tree Frog and Passengers

Gawd, it's just too much: ENHANCE THAT CUTE!

frog plus friend


Just don't be bringing them too close to my veggie patch there, Greenie.


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