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So the other day the family took a trip to a local golf club since my Dad wanted to check it out. We made reservations for lunch and arrived after a brief stop at the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House for coffee (their admission price to a tiny little greenhouse full of butterflies was ridiculously high, but we were really just there for the coffee since it was reportedly the "best coffee in Coffs Harbour"... it was pretty ordinary :P)

Golf Club

The clubhouse itself is quite beautiful; a modern twist on some very classical Australian architecture.

Now, I myself am not a very big fan of golf clubs. I'm not a very big golfer (besides mini-golf!) and the "elite" that are your typical club-goers aren't exactly the type of people I tend to agree with (to throw assumptions around). Not to forget that golf courses in general aren't exactly environmentally friendly...
But this place was -beautiful-.

Golf Club

The course itself wound its way between gum-tree forests and rain forest.

Golf Club

And then opened up to a large field acting as driving range. Dad and David spent some time smacking little balls around...


While I puttered around, taking photos of pretty flowers.


And then we sat down to lunch.


We sat outside on the veranda; it was an absolutely perfect day. Sunny; not too hot, not cold at all.


Our view looked out over the 18th and last hole of the course; a particularly difficult one with lots of water and sand traps. It provided us with plenty of entertainment watching those out on the course finishing up.

And then there was the food...

Oysters and Chorizo

My father ordered oysters and chorizo with a balsamic reduction, and a Ceaser salad (not photographed)

Crab Cakes and Calamari

My mum ordered salt & pepper calamari and fish cakes made with crab meat and snapper cheeks. (oh my god the fish cakes were -amazingly- good.)


And my brother and I both ordered the BLAT (Classic BLT with Avocado) with chips.
Mmmmmm so good; although admittedly it's a hard dish to get wrong..

So if you ever find yourself in the Coffs Harbour area.. and you enjoy a game of golf, or just enjoy good food in a beautiful surrounding, I highly recommend you check out the Bonville International Golf Club!


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Jan. 18th, 2010 03:16 pm (UTC)
What a gorgeous place! And what an adorable baby brother! I wish I had a younger sibling :p
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