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A New Planner

I have been starved a bit for a really good 2010 planner. I'm pretty picky about what I consider "good". They have to be made from a kind of paper that's nice to write on (not too glossy). Ideally I can see a whole week on a two-page spread. Each day will have enough room to write in. And, ideally, it will look nice too!

I'm settling this year for a couple different planners to keep me going; a little one that's none-to-exciting to carry in my pocketbook, and a larger,  inspirational one.

County Collections Diary

The Australian Country Collections Diary I'm very pleased with, nicely laid out and each week comes with a truly beautiful photograph of a home or garden. Hopefully this one will keep me going all year round!

Jan. 18-24 Diary

For the week of January 18-24. Isn't this beautiful? What a great image to start off my first week of the new planner. There's something about the rolling hills of Australian farmland that I find so breath-taking. This is very similar to what the local farmland looks like and I would dearly, dearly like to own a little chunk of this heaven for my own. For now I'll settle to fantasize about sitting down at this beautiful little table (look at the colours on that tablecloth! and those mugs!! and those flowers!!!)
*dreamy wistful sigh!*

There's also a little quote or factoid on the opposite side of the page; this weeks one is about Saint Zita, the patron saint of domestic servants, homemakers and hardworking ladies of the kitchen. Also known as "the little cook"!
Sounds like someone I should keep in my thoughts this week; I could use a good deal or organizing in my life right now!
This week I plan to go through my clothes and donate or toss out anything that is falling apart beyond repair, I've outgrown or I simply won't wear anymore (and I'm going to have to be BRUTALLY HONEST about this... why is it so hard to get rid of some things?)
I also plan on taking an inventory of my books and even *gulp* get rid of some of them as well..
And maybe.. -maybe- take a good long look at my craft.. junk I've got piled up and come up with a better way to organize it all.


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Jan. 25th, 2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
I just did the same donating clothes thing, and it was pretty difficult. I think it's the memories you make with really nice pieces of clothes, but alas, they no longer fit. *le sigh*
Jan. 25th, 2010 10:14 pm (UTC)
It can sometimes be uplifting and energizing to clean out and organize your belongings. Good luck!
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