Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Weekly Wrap-Up

Jan. 25-31 Diary

A new week has come and gone, a new page a picture in my diary. A very peaceful scene this week, it looks like a cozy little breakfast nook for two. Although I usually prefer a bit more colour in my life, there's something very calm and serene about this setting, it would be a nice way to start off a lazy Sunday morning.

My week has been fairly active. Mostly traveling around town with mum; running errands, spending some time with the nieces before their school starts back up, checking out building suppliers and all the little details such as fixings and appliances as things become more and more of a reality for this eventual house rebuild.
It's been hot, hot, hot up until yesterday really when it has finally broken into rain; desperately needed rain at that, since our tank has run dry.

This past week I wanted to focus a bit on organization; and I'm afraid I didn't get much of that done. Although I made some baby-steps. I've started culling through my wardrobe, and I went and got fitted properly for bras and picked up a couple new ones to replace the old, falling apart type.
I did at least get to organize my books.

Today I spent most of my day organizing the garden. The beans and snow peas have finished, so I have pulled them out; renewed the soil in the pots and have planted new veggies to replace them.
I'm trying to grow some cucumbers that claim to be good in pots (I'm skeptic, but I love cucumbers, so I hope it works!), Sugarloaf cabbage, an Asian mix of salad greens, some Cos lettuce, some mixed green lettuce that came with this months Gardening magazine, and some rainbow chard .

My strawberry plant is also still going strong and giving me lots of the most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted! Tomatos are still ripening too, and of course all of my herbs are doing very well (except for my rosemary.. sigh)

There is nothing more satisfying then a day spent in the garden.

This coming week is going to be split; for the first half I'd like to continue to focus (perhaps focus a bit more then last week, hehe) on organization, getting my space cleaned up.
The second half is going to be much more exciting! A friend of mine is going to be arriving in Sydney on Wednesday and I'm going to be traveling down to meet him. We'll be spending a weekish in the city and then renting a car and driving North wherever the whim takes us for another week.
This is an adventure we've been planning for quite a while now and I'm giddy with excitement that it's finally arriving!

"Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away."
(Barbara De Angelis, author)

I rather think that statement could refer to anyone; not just women.. and there's no better place for solitude and reflection then working in a garden.

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