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Jon's Visit: Part I: Sydney

Okay, so I've been back from my little vacation for almost a week now and I STILL haven't written about it, I apologise, but I have been diving right into some other pretty exciting stuff (I promise I'll share the news soon!)

I have to admit that I wasn't really able to pull out my camera as much as I would have liked to remember to, but there are quite a few photos. If you'd like to see them all you can check them out on My Flickr Site.

For now I'll pull out a couple of highlights from the trip itself, we spent the first five days in Sydney, doing the touristy thing, and then hopped into a rental car and drove up the coast here to Coffs where I got to show off all the amazing natural beauty that is around here.

(Several photos behind the cut!)

Highlights from the Sydney part of the visit included visiting the Botanical Gardens and checking out all the beautiful plants and of course the Flying Fox community!

Jon's Visit: Bat tree at the Sydney Botanical Gardens
Holy Bat-Tree!

Jon's Visit: Sydney Botanical Gardens
This is a pretty amazing "folly" set up in the gardens, you can see the walls are made from barbed wire, there's an axe and sickle over the doorway and the roof is made up of cast animal bones.

Jon's Visit: Sydney Botanical Gardens
Sitting on some rocks... and enjoying the view:

Jon's Visit: Sydney Harbour

Visiting the Sydney Aquarium and checking out the awesome Dugongs!

Jon's Visit: Sydney Aquarium
Oh gawd they're so cute!

Jon's Visit: Sydney Aquarium
BONK! Apparently turtles jam themselves under rocks or ledges while they sleep to anchor themselves so they won't go floating away.

Jon's Visit: Sydney Aquarium
Underwater tunnels!

We did some goofing off at the Museum of Sydney

Jon's Visit: Sydney Science Museum

and stayed classy by visiting a performance of the opera La Traviata at the Opera House:

Jon's Visit: Sydney Opera House

Jon's Visit: Sydney Opera House

We spent a day exploring Manly, meeting up with a friend of mine for lunch over there. It was pouring rain... of course it was pouring rain pretty much the entire time we were in Sydney!

Jon's Visit: Exploring Manly

Jon's Visit: Exploring Around Manly

As I mentioned there was heaps of other stuff done that I didn't end up getting photos of, including a couple other museums, weekend markets, a very nice and fancy dinner at the 360 rotating tower restaurant... it's a shame it was raining pretty much the entire time we were there; I had to assure him that it really DID get sunny in Australia; luckily the weather cooperated as soon as we left ;)
But I'll save that for part II!


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Feb. 24th, 2010 12:12 am (UTC)
Woooooow. I always LOVE your pictures because your surroundings are so strange to me! the bat tree is awesome.
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