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Jon's Visit Part II: Coffs Coast

Here's Part II of Jon's Visit. We hopped into a rental car and drove up North to the Coffs Coast. The weather cooperated for us by clearing up for the most part and we enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities!
As before, I'm picking out a few highlight photos I took over the trip (wish I took more!) if you want to see them all, they're at my Flickr site

(Several photos behind the cut!)

We took a scenic drive out to Nymboida, hopefully to see the eclectic "Museum of Interesting Things" but they were closed! on a Tuesday!
We settled for having lunch at the pub there (no sitings of Russel Crowe) and enjoyed the view of the swollen Nymboida river.

Jon's Visit: Nymboida

We took a trip up Dorrigo way to do the rainforest treck. Even more paths were cut off which meant the hike to see the water falls were even longer then normal, but so worth it. The rains we'd been getting really made them spectacular to see:

Jon's Visit: Dorrigo

Jon's Visit: Dorrigo

Jon's Visit: Dorrigo
Tristiana Falls

Jon's Visit: Dorrigo

Jon's Visit: Dorrigo
Behind the Crystal Falls

Jon's Visit: Dangar Falls
Dangar Falls

One of the things Jon really wanted to do while here was eat some kangaroo, so we cooked some up ourselves:

Jon's Visit: Cooking Kangaroo
Was delicious!

Jon's Visit: Dutch Pancake House
Those are some big shoes! at the Clog Barn for pancakes, yumm!

We snuck in one last hike through the Woolgoolga Creek park, although we ended up doing it barefoot which was not the smartest idea we ever had. It was nice to see the falls flowing stronger then the last time I was there though... the extra water brought all the leeches out though.

Jon's Visit: Woolgoolga Creek Park

Jon's Visit: Damn Leeches
Fuck leeches man, I hates them so much. Jon "kindly" let me go first to act as leech-magnet... and leech-magnet I was. :(

Again, there was lots more done and seen and enjoyed. I wish I took more photos. The two weeks flew right by and before I knew it I was seeing him off at Sydney Airport again. It was a great time, and it was nice to relax and have some fun.
Thanks Jon for the fantastic company, it was great getting to show off this area to you. You'll have to come back sometime soon in order to fit in everything we didn't manage to squeeze in on this trip!
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