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I'm still a little bit surprised to see my strawberries still producing, but every now and again when I check on them in the mornings I'll find a sweet little red gem waiting to be plucked and eaten. Even after all this rain!

I've forgotten to mention that the reason I might be missing out on Monday postings is because I've gone back to school... part time at least. I'm doing a Certificate II course of Horticulture through the local TAFE. Just one day a week (Mondays). I'm doing the nursery and gardening focus (there's landscaping and parks/gardens as well). I'm enjoying it VERY much. I'm going to have to make a serious attempt at learning all of the botanical names of plants though, and I'm finding that especially daunting; I'll try and start with what's in my garden already, so perhaps I should say I'm surprised that my Fragaria ananassa is still producing this late in the season(!)

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