Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Homespun Fingerless Mitts

Homespun Mitts

To soothe my soul from the socks disaster I decided to break out the unbelievable hank of local handspun yarn I managed to find a couple of months ago out and knit something up.

Homespun Mitts

Simple, effortless, fingerless mittens. I knit them both up in one evening in front of the television.

Homespun Mitts

And not only are these beautiful, but the yarn is so soft, the softest sheep's wool I have ever felt. It was hand-spun locally, dyed by spinner as well. Unfortunately the days the local knitting and spinning groups meet up is on a busy day and there's too much competition on the car for me to make the meetings... maybe once mum returns to the states I'll manage to squeeze it into my schedule... anyways! Back to these gloves!

Homespun Mitts

omg you guys.
these gloves.

(big thanks to mum, hand model!! Photographing yourself in gloves is... difficult)
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