Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Weekend Vacation: Part 1 - South West Rocks

The beginning of a fairly massive catch-up. Starting with the weekend vacation to a couple of towns south of Coffs Harbour Mum and I did about a month or so ago.

Our trip started with an overnight stay at the lovely South West Rocks.
South West Rocks

We arrived in the afternoon. After checking into a local hotel we took a walk along the waters, admiring the amazing rocks they had along the beach.

South West Rocks

Fisherman's Reach

South West Rocks

South West Rocks

South West Rocks

South West Rocks

South West Rocks

South West Rocks

There were several options for places to eat for dinner, but as it so happened I had been reading a book at the time called "This Way To The Sea" by Gillian Nicholson. It's a very well told non-fiction story about Gillian and her husband's Sea Change; moving out of a Sydney apartment and to a Scotts Head farm-land (quite literally just north of South West Rocks). In the book she mentioned going to a restaurant in South West Rocks called Geppy's for her and her husband's wedding anniversary and raved about the food!

It didn't take very long to find the restaurant (South West Rocks is not a very big town) and we enjoyed a very amusing and delicious dinner!

South West Rocks

I had never quite seen a more eclectic restaurant! It's supposedly an Italian Restaurant and highly involved in the Slow Food Movement; meaning all of their ingredients are sourced locally.
But as you can see; for an Italian restaurant they had Escher and Jazz musicians on the walls and Spanish flamenco music playing over the loud speakers!
To make it even more international while we were there eating a large Irish group of friends came to enjoy dinner (at least they certainly had the right accent!) It was St. Patrick's Day that day, of course so they were very jolly and decked out in their greenery!

South West Rocks

The beautiful Heritage House was all booked out, so we couldn't sleep there. Mum and I consoled ourselves by having breakfast at the lovely Cottage Cafe just below it the next morning instead.

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