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Ricardoes Farm

Our last outing for the day was at Ricardo's Farm. Mum had learned about this little gem near Port Macquarie through one of the Sydney Weekender-type shows. Ricardo's is a hydroponics farm specialising in strawberries, tomatos and lettuce. For visitors they offer a pick-your own area for lettuces and strawberries.

Ricardoes Farm

Ricardoes Farm

It's beautifully set up. And oh my god. The strawberries.

Ricardoes Farm

Ricardoes Farm

Ricardoes Farm

Ricardoes Farm

We had a whole lot of fun walking along with our little scissors; picking out the best looking berries. It's so easy! No bending over!

Ricardoes Farm

After we had picked our fill we drove up to Macksville where we would be spending the night. We stayed at the pub hotel which wasn't anything fancy but sure had a very pretty location right along the river.


It was the perfect location to sit with a glass of wine or two and a bag full of strawberries and watch the sun go down (until the mosquitoes drove us away, that is!)

Before the mozzies overcame us we noticed a spectacular event happening!

Macksville Evening (bats!)

You see all those dots? Click on it to see it in full size to see just how many there actually are; those are bats! There were SO many of them! They flew past in this amount continuously for several minutes straight. I have certainly seen large colonies of bats before, but never in this amount.


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May. 22nd, 2010 07:56 am (UTC)
Mmm! Those strawberries were soooo good too!
This farm is certainly within an accessible distance if one visits South West Rocks for a diving trip! *grin grins, nudge nudges*

Yes! There's a huge colony of flying foxes in Woolgoolga where my grandparents live; sometimes I take a drive down the street where they like to hang out (haw!) to marvel at their numbers (and noise!) It was quite incredible watching all those ones from Macksville fly.
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