Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

Weekend Vacation Part 7: Nambucca

The very last part of our little get-away was a stop in Nambucca.
We had a reservation for lunch at the Jaaning Tree restaurant there. The place is run by chef Clayton Donovon who mum and I had met at the Saltwater/Freshwater Festival earlier this year. He's a fantastic personality and cooks amazing food, specialising in native bush food (he actually sources several of his native fruits from Vally of the Mist!)

We had some time to kill before our reservation though, so we took a little stroll through town.


There's a very fun mosaic running along a bit of the main stretch made from all sorts of recycled materials!





We were walking along the boardwalk beside the river when a woman walking her dog pointed out two creatures swimming against the tide. They were fairly sizeable and sending up bubbles every few seconds. They were a complete mystery! We were walking along with them trying to figure out what they were; they weren't coming up for air, so they couldn't have been dolphins... We guessed maybe turtles but it was a lot of bubbles for turtles and they still weren't coming up for air.
By this time we had come across a fisherman who spotted them as well, he flicked out his line towards them to try and perhaps encourage them up to the surface of the water so we could see; his guess was dugongs(!)
Eventually one of them came close enough to an outcrop I was able to get onto for me to recognise what it was:
A pair of divers! Without a diving buoy!
Jesus; that's stupid. This is an active river-way too with boats; certainly the fisherman was keen to get his hook into one of them.
Note to all divers; SWIM WITH A BUOY!



It was a perfectly delicious way to end a truly remarkable couple of days; a much needed break for both Mum and I between hospital visits and other family activities.

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