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Perennial Coriander

Perennial Coriander

This is a new-to-me herb I just happened to come across at one of my local nurseries over the past couple of months. It's a perennial coriander plant(!)
It has very thick, fleshy leaves and very, very spikey margins (almost like a thistle!) But they smell and taste exactly like the more delicate coriander plants!
I love them, because these are so hardy, and they're perennial. Just chop them up finely just like you would regular coriander and cook away!

Hanging out with his more delicate coriander buddy.

Coriander is such a hit or miss for me in terms of growing; they're notoriously difficult though and certainly they don't seem to last very long (I guess my family and I cook with them too much) but this perennial version is really doing fantastic. So well in fact that I bought myself a second one the other week!

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